Things That Changed Daniel Agger’s Whole Career

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Daniel Agger stressed at the moment that changed his whole career 5years ago, which made him leave Liverpool eventually. The Danish center-back did spend his 8 years of life at Anfield and made 232 appearances. In addition, he was the most renowned stars of the Kop. However, his tenure with Merseyside was mostly interrupted by an injury and was forced to take retirement at the age of only 31. He claimed that retiring was essential to halt while he was still ahead.

Agger shared a photo of him on social media wherein he was challenging to achieve the ball in the Red’s 5-0 pre-season victory over Singapore League Select XI in 2009. The photo shared depicted Agger takes the Noh Alam Sham’s challenge during the victory in Asia which led to missing the initial 3 months of the season of 2009-10. Agger had shown his performances 26 times in the earlier campaign and it saw Liverpool achieve 2nd place. It was, however withdrawn towards the last minute and was not seen anytime sooner than October post undergoing a surgery. After 153 appearances that he made post the surgery, it did appear that the incident which he shared was the root cause of the issues which led to early retirement. He wrote on social media that the little jump changed everything.

“Agger made the first appearance for Brondby when he was just 19 years old. “ This was in the year 2004 and he continued to play at “the higher level consistently “for 12 years despite his injury issues. His achievements did come at a cost and he spoke out in public so as to ensure that others understood the repercussions that came to the consumption of excess medication. Despite all the hardships that Agger went through, he is still a renowned name when it comes to football due to his outstanding performances.