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Daniel Agger confesses that the cause of the health problems he had during his Brondby stint was the huge number of pain killers he had consumed through the past years.

Recalling the game during which he had lost his consciousness, Agger reveals that he had a total of four painkillers that day from the time he had gotten up from the bed to the time he had stepped into the team bus and the tablets had such an effect on him that he didn’t understand when his eyes closed and he slept as he was on his way to the stadium.

He immediately asked for caffeine as he reached the stadium, but, even that didn’t help him get rid of the dizziness and he was struggling to get through even the light warm up session ahead of the game.

Agger says once he returned from warm up, he just wanted to sit and not move. Still, he wore his jersey and came to the field with his teammates, but, in that kind of condition, there was no way he was going to last that match.

On an occasion in the match when he attempted a header, instead of hitting his head, the ball hit one of his hands and finally, a few minutes later, he had to make the admission that he could not stay in the middle anymore.

As per Agger, after the match, when he met his better half, her reaction was nothing. Not a word was spoken by her, not a single word and it was because he had ignored her advice many a times. She was always concerned about him taking so many pain killers and asked him not to do that, but, he did not listen at all.