Liverpool Ex-Central Defender Pinpoints The Turning Point In His Career

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Daniel Agger pinpoints the moment, he believes, has changed his career way 4 years back, with his compulsion to leave Liverpool at Anfield. He has been sticking around with Liverpool as a center-back for 8 long years making 232 appearances and earning a lot of popularity until it so happened that he had to finally bid farewell at an age as young as 31. His reason for this reassignment is his frequent injuries. Agger, in his second Liverpool campaign, where he played 26 times, had to withdraw in the 78th minute sustaining a severe back injury that confined him under surgery until October. He made 153 subsequent appearances post-surgery prior to leaving.

Agger expresses his nostalgia on social media sharing one picture of him defending a ball during the Red's 5-0 pre-season in July 2009. After all, he had contributed in the win over Singapore League Select XI, risking himself by falling under the challenge of Noh Alam sham, subsequently leaving him to miss the first three months of 2009/10 season.

Ever since the retirement too, “Agger has been actively involved in all football affairs around the world“ and he also takes part in active community opportunities offered to grow the game in different parts of the world. He now resides in Spain and he recalls the love for Anfield as well praising the turnout that “came for every match“ that his team played there. He also went on to say that such a turnaround might not be possible in any other place of the world and that too on a regular basis.

Agger has been the inspiration for many currently playing Liverpool players and the career graph that he went through his something that every player wishes to emulate.