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The former Liverpool legend Alan Hansen has said that the defensive pair of Daniel Agger and Martin Skrtel are extremely important to the club. The two players have formed a great partnership in recent years, which has even forced the Liverpool managers to not use the veteran Jamie Carragher for important matches. Daniel Agger has been at the club for the last six seasons and Alan Hansen has said that he would have been an even better player had not been for the injuries. Agger has consistently suffered a number of injuries during his spell at Liverpool.

So far, he has managed to stay fit this campaign, which have translated into the better defensive performances of Liverpool. Their problems this season have come in the attacking sense where they have been unable to score goals when it matters and when they are on top. Daniel Agger is not only adept at defending, but he is also extremely good at starting the attacks according to Hansen. Due to his ball playing abilities, he can bring the ball out of the defence quite comfortably and start the attacks. This is an extremely important aspect of football that is often forgotten according to Hansen, who was regarded as one of the best players for Liverpool.

“He’s exceptionally comfortable in possession of the ball. He’s never embarrassed when the ball is at his feet – and traditionally Liverpool centre-backs have always been all of that. When you look at some of the centre-backs Liverpool have had with the ball at their feet ... in the 70s and 80s it was virtually every one, you could go through them and they were phenomenal with the ball at their feet. And Daniel’s up there with the best of them," said Hansen. Liverpool are currently in the 12th position.