Daniel Agger on Denying His Barcelona Contract

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Daniel Agger was really close to signing his dream contract with Barcelona FC back in 2012. The giants from Spain were quite interested to take up vice-captain from Denmark who also played for Liverpool FC and he repeated this fact while talking about his contract with Barcelona which was very clear. But now Daniel Agger, tells about the days when he was very close to signing a piece of paper for Spain, but Messi and his company was finally chosen for staying at the club of his heart. He was only 28 years of age then when he clearly said to Liverpool that he wanted to go to Barcelona and if they had to sell him, then they would have to sell him to a club of his liking.

He explained that he had the contract in his hand, but finally, Manchester City came into the scene and offered him more. Though Liverpool was interested that Agger plays for Man City, he did not choose to join the club. Rather he completely gave up on everything. He was in a dilemma, whether he should leave Liverpool and join Barcelona or Brøndby IF alternatively. But after two years, Brøndby IF ended the contract with Daniel Agger sensationally. Manchester City came up with their Arabian Dollars for him to sign for the club, but that did not change his beliefs or principles.

Everything was in place, but his decision got Man City destroyed completely. They kept on increasing their bid and Daniel Agger, who is known as a principled footballer, kept on denying. Liverpool, on the other hand, could not understand the actual reason behind his denial. Eventually, this process worked for them and Agger finally got to wear the red jersey of Liverpool once again. Daniel Agger represented Liverpool Football Club from 2006 to 2014. He earned 212 first-team matches for the club before he made his return to Brøndby IF where he played for two seasons. Daniel Agger set his career in the year 2016.