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The Liverpool defender, Daniel Agger, has said that it’s not fair to blame only the strikers for the team’s decimal performance in the current Premier League season so far. Liverpool has played three Premier League matches in this season and the team has lost two of those matches. The third match against Manchester City ended in a draw. The team has scored only two goals in those three Premier League matches.

As per Agger, all the players are responsible for the recent poor performances of the team. He told Liverpool news "It’s not only about the strikers; it’s about the whole team. You can’t rely on just two or three players to score goal for you every time. The other players also need to step up. The poor form of the team is definitely a matter of concern. Almost all the key players of the team are out of form. The team had quite a few chances to score in the last game against Arsenal, but, the players didn’t manage to capitalize on the chances. Arsenal defeated Liverpool by 2-0 in that match.

Agger himself looked a bit rusty in the matches that he has played in the current season so far. The last season was very good for him and he was one of the very few consistent performers for Liverpool in the last season. He is a senior member of the team and the club was expecting him to deliver in this season as well. But, the Danish international didn’t look even close to his best so far. The manager of Liverpool, Brendan Rodgers has backed Agger and said that Agger would get back in top nick pretty soon. He has done well for the club in the past and he would do it again in the ongoing season.