Agger is a Fan of Virgil Van Dijk

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Virgil van Dijk may definitely not lack for skill or strength, but Daniel has a great belief that leadership has been one of the most important aspects of all the impressive performances which were given by the Dutchman in this season.

It is enough to say, that the number 4 player has not been any less than omnipresent when it comes to the defense of Liverpool that has till now conceded only 18 goals in the 31 games of Premier League. While he has skipped one match of Champions League as the side of Jurgen Klopp have progressed to play the quarter-final with the EC Porto.

Almost 3 years from Agger’s retirement, he sauntered through the 3-2 win of Liverpool FC Legends against Milan Glorie at the Anfield on last Saturday. It is better to place as compared to comment on a successor of his, who is at the soul of Reds rearguard and the former defender of Denmark and Liverpool definitely likes what he witnesses from the Van Dijk.

Daniel has said that one of the most important things was that Liverpool club was needed, a footballer having a lot of talent, a defender who is very strong, and a leader, someone on whom the players could rely on. He says that this is the biggest difference that he has brought about in the club. He is definitely a good football player but he is also a person to have in the team as a leader and a strong character. He goes on to say that all football teams need some leaders, and in case if these are not there when the team is not going to be consistent which is very important for the matches of Premier League. Hence, it has been pretty impressive for him and he is a fan of Virgil van Dijk.